About Limousine Services

OZ Swiss’ Limousine Service offers more than a simple transfer: you will not only travel safe and comfortable in one of our fully equipped cars (Mercedes S Class, V Class, Maybach) but also can rely on our chauffeurs as your local personal assistant. We do transfers from Zurich Airport with fix rates, roadshows, event transports.

A standard car will be at your disposal within a maximum of one hour. Of course we will do our best to comply with every request we may receive and provide a car as soon as possible. During workday office hours we process inquiries immediately, while our call centre can help you with basic information or by forwarding messages 24 hours a day.

staying safe with oz swiss

Many frequent travellers know by their own experience that unwanted events may often occur during travelling, causing annoyance and sometimes even ruining your schedule and stay. 
Therefore, OZ Swiss strives to minimize the probability of unexpected incidence, applying the following precautionary measures: 

• We work exclusively with licensed, fully professional drivers, trained in first aid and road safety.

• All drivers have airport badges and thus regularly undergo background checks including a criminal history record check.

• We also provide service for ambassadors and even for heads of state, thus our staff is checked from time to time by secret services as well.

•All helicopter transports are made with twin engine helicopters.

• All vehicles are equipped with new tires twice a year (winter and summer tires) and serviced exclusively at licensed Mercedes garage.

• OZ Swiss cooperates only with sub-contractors meeting the safety requirements.

Beside the personal safety of our guest, the protection of data privacy and data backup is crucial for us as well. Thus, our online booking system runs on a secure server located in Glattbrugg (Switzerland). Our partner for data security: Huanga IT Solutions AG.

booking system

Our booking system is the platform which contains all needed information of bookings and also our base to dispatch. You are very welcome to login and have an overview by clicking here.

Managing bookings online is highly recommended so that you can easily follow the order status and check or change the details anytime (2 days before journeys are due at the latest), from anywhere. The system also sends notification emails automatically to make sure you have all the information you may need. 
Although we prefer the online platform for our partners to use, of course inquiries can be submitted by email or phone as well. May you need any assistance please contact our back office.


The OZ Swiss fleet consists of elegant and luxurious vehicles that offer excellent conditions whether for work or relaxation. Long versions ensure more space and comfort while WiFi on board makes it easy to stay entertained and keep in touch with colleagues, friends or family. Bottled water is always available in the cars. Upon request, additional soft drinks and international newspapers can be provided, free of charge. During roadshows longer than 8 hours a day delicate sandwiches can be served as well.

Supreme model:
• Mercedes Maybach, 4matic Actual Model
(max 3 passengers with hand luggage and 2 large or 3 medium sized suitcases)

Standard limousine:
• Mercedes S Class Long Version, 4matic Actual Model
(max 3 passengers with hand luggage and 2 large or 3 medium sized suitcases)

Business Van:
• Mercedes V Class Extra-long Version, 4matic Actual Model
(max 7 passengers with luggage and hand luggage)


• Mercedes Sprinter (8 seats)
• Mercedes Sprinter (14 seats)
• Mercedes Sprinter (19 seats)

chauffeurs and top services

All of our drivers are licensed and registered as professional chauffeurs by the city of Zurich and are highly trained in first aid and road safety. They are bound to repeatedly absolve courses in these fields in order to maintain their knowledge and skills at a high level. Due to Guest Relations trainings our chauffeurs are also skilled in client management and communication. All of them are fluent in English and German, while some may speak other languages as well. They have extensive local knowledge so they can suggest restaurants, shops or other places of interest according to the needs and wishes of their clients. They are even able to provide basic IT support. Your driver’s number will be provided for you latest on the evening before the day the service is due, so you can easily get in touch when needed.

For commercial flights, transfers from or to the Airport Zurich within the Zurich area are offered for flat rates

Service by arrivals includes the chauffeur waiting at the baggage claim with a name board and helping with your luggage. In case of business arrivals, we await you or your guests in the arrival hall just after customs. Our team will regularly check flight information for scheduled flights and the pickup time will be adjusted accordingly. This means that delays on commercial flights do not incur additional charges.

We are happy to arrange a VIP Airport Service for passengers with high standards including a limousine transfer from or to the aircraft and access to the VIP lounge.

Event Transport

Organizing the transport on events may be challenging. Having broad experience in the field, OZ Swiss offers not only a fleet for the task, but administrative support as well.

We will keep an overview of the transports needed and take care that everyone will be on the right place on the right time. Upon request, we also set up a welcome desk at the airport to greet the guests. In addition to limousines and business vans we can also provide busses or minibuses.

The Event Management is supported by our own booking system, find out more here.


Let us design your roadshow to your needs.

diplomat service

Internationally protected persons such as diplomats, emissaries and representatives of embassies need special services. We ensure that the ground transport service works smoothly and no disturbances occur. Our chauffeurs and partners are proven experts who work discreetly and professionally without errors.

Diplomat level includes:

  • Pre-check at destination, equipped with car
  • Flights for travel agent
  • Limousine (sedan) with driver for all day
  • Guard/Luggage car for a day
  • A sedan guaranteed at the destination if you fly to another city
  • Change of drivers for longer roadshows (after 10 days latest)
  • Coordination with your security service
  • Guest relations support by our back office
  • Hotel accommodation for staff (in major cities)
  • Meals for staff

Emissary level includes:

  • Pre-check at destination (without car)
  • Flights for travel agent
  • Limousine (sedan) with driver for all day
  • A sedan guaranteed at the destination if you fly to another city
  • Coordination with your security service
  • Guest relations support by our back office
  • Hotel accommodation for staff (in major cities)
  • Meals for staff

Delegate level includes:

  • Travel guidance by our back office
  • Limousine (sedan) with driver for all day
  • Further destinations within the same day to be payed separately
  • Coordination with your security service
  • Guest relations support by our back office
  • Hotel accommodation (in major cities) and meal for driver


For those interested in sightseeing, we provide short trips with our chauffeurs or even tours for more days with professional tour guides. Ask your chauffeur or our customer service about seasonal offers. You can also browse or download our latest magazine here.

night transfer

Do you have to leave Zurich early in the morning to catch a flight for your ensuing meeting? Would you need more time to brace up your mind before a full-day conference?

Imagine your agenda otherwise. To make such business journeys more comfortable we provide 40% discount for any transfers at night, starting after 21:00, to a farther destination (min. 200 km) –  Milan, Munich or Stuttgart for instance. This deal can be particularly beneficial when traveling with colleagues, but brings many advantages anyway:

  • flexible and swift pick up after an exhausting business day
  • hassle-free travel, no need for security check up or waiting at the airport
  • private and comfortable journey
  • luxurious car with WiFi on board – ideal working environment
  • no need to pay two hotels for the same day
  • hotel room is certainly ready upon arrival – no early check-in complication
  • next day begins close to the scheduled business program – more time for recreation

Reconsider your next business trip, it may be worth changing your habits. If you wish to use our new service, do not hesitate to get in touch with the OZ Swiss back office, or book your journey online here.

premium taxi

OZ Swiss reacts to a trend of its customers. Sometimes, even high-end clients book ordinary services (in an average way). This new form is designed to fulfil orders for taxi price, a little cutback on service but still based on our limousine quality.

The clients’ advantage is that it is supported by our infrastructure and protected by our company insurance.

In 14 years of experience we never declined a job. Our team made sure that an order is carried out no matter if our fleet was occupied. With our premium taxi version we can only provide service according to availability - 25 cars in our new fleet.

We aim to be available for cheaper price but keeping our standards high. We can provide rates below the official airport /city taxi and above a low-budget taxi or Uber service.

We charge CHF 95/hr incl. 25 km if we don’t get information about the route in advance.

  • lower rates
  • CHF 2/km calculated from garage to garage
  • CHF 95/hr incl. 25 km
  • professional drivers with basic service
  • possibility to place and cancel your order for free one hour before the journey
  • limousine vehicle, but no guarantee for the model