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About us

OZ Swiss Services AG is based in Zurich, but we provide wide range of support in many locations throughout Switzerland and also internationally. Our prime Limousine Services are tailored to meet the high expectations of our clients traveling in luxury and style. From airport transfers via private sightseeing tours to roadshows, your transport will be organized quickly and easily. Guest Relation Services enhance your travel experience making your trip even more enjoyable and memorable. If you are planning a health check-up or a surgical procedure in Switzerland, our Health Care Management is specially devised to make your travel and lodging as carefree as possible so you can focus entirely on your health and recovery. Our Relocation Services ensure that your move runs smoothly and help you getting comfortable at your new residence. Should you need Personal Protection, OZ Swiss will find the solution that suites your personal needs the best.

“The passenger we serve, the Personal Assistant we support”

In many years of cooperation and experience with personal- and executive assistants we optimized our workflow. They have to assure that the client gets the best service. Our team at OrganiZing Swiss is there for you to assure these expectations will be fulfilled. We are aware that our quality affects your appraisal.



OZ Swiss’ first goal is to achieve a perfect balance between quality and cost. We strive for efficient and flexible customer service and maintain high service standards. We minimize the possibility of errors with professional organization and communication, while our IT structure designed for timesaving keeps your PA team free for more important tasks.


Back in the days 1951 Rudi Christen the grandfather of the todays owner Andreas Schranz started a
business in driving guests in Zürich Switzerland.


Managing director / OZ Team

Andreas Schranz was born in 1979, raised in Austria (near Vienna) and is a Swiss and Austrian citizen. He graduated in Civil Engineering in 1998 and simultaneously owned a business in event management. Before founding OrganiZing Swiss he also gained work experience as an employee at the Communications and Press Department of the governing party of Austria and at the Verkehrsbetriebe der Stadt Zürich (VBZ: Zurich Public Transport).


Our team is set together based on long-term cooperation. All our employees go through a security screening and sign a confidentiality agreement. Our drivers have done service for the ministry of foreign affairs of Switzerland and other countries. We go beyond and above to carry out every assignment to the highest standards and deliver an outstanding service.


Social responsibility

OZ Swiss upholds and maintains high standards not only in providing the best service for our clients but also as a modern company taking interest and participating in the community it belongs to. As such OZ Swiss is a regular sponsor of the Red Cross Gala in Zurich. In association with many Senior Residents’ Homes OZ Swiss also sponsors transportation services to and from culture events for the elderly on a regular basis. Incidentals are purchased from public social aid institutions focused on working with handicapped people.

Environmental protection is also of high importance to us. In order to reduce the environmental footprint of the company, OZ Swiss cooperates with myClimate and takes part in carbon offset projects. Thus, all transports provided by us are carbon neutral. Cleaning facilities used for washing and maintaining the fleet are in compliance with high ecological standards as well.

OZ Swiss operates under strict Integrity Guidelines covering among others data handling, employment practices, environmental responsibility and respecting human rights. 
Employees payed and handled fair tend to be loyal and commit no crimes. In addition, having a stable existence allows them concentrate fully on their jobs and do their best. This practice of course may result in slightly higher service fees, but ensures that OZ Swiss remains a reliable and professional supplier.
Low cost carriers and online platforms may look good on the first view, but they are likely to underpay their employees, spare money on insurances or lack licences and permits. As a result, the service might not be stable. Would you still use the cheapest service?

Use our checklist to compare us with your current service provider. Available to download here.


Quality management

The satisfaction of our costumers is important to us, so we take all complaints seriously. Our quality management procedure considers each mistake accurately and attempts to avoid making the same mistake again. 

May you have any questions or complaint, you are welcome to submit your thoughts using our online feedback form.


Any subcontractors that may be used by OZ Swiss Services AG are carefully handpicked and evaluated by OZ Swiss Services AG to deliver our high service standards. All subcontractors are required to accept the followings:

  • No commission agreement
  • OZ Quality Guidelines
  • OZ Integrity Guidelines    
  • Security Guidelines (background check etc.)
  • Insurance (company liability plus passenger ins.)
  • Regular training of drivers

To read about the details look at our Subcontractors commitment here.