Breathtaking car trips in Switzerland 3/3

We still have some amazing car trips to offer for our dear customers. Have a break from your daily routine and drive through the most beautiful routes of Switzerland. And if you wish to book a private tour with us, please check our one-day excursions with Mercedes Maybach or Viano here. 

Bernina Pass

The crossing of the pass between Pontresina and Poschiavo is particularly impressive when you take the Bernina Express. At 2,253 meters, this railway line, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the highest railway transversal in the Alps. Driving by car has the advantage that you can take a picture of the well-known Brusio circular viaduct just before the Italian border.

Simplon pass

The Simplon Pass, which leads from Brig to Domodossola in the Italian region of Piedmont at an altitude of around 2,000 meters, is winter-safe. Although the pass road is officially one of the national roads, it can also be used by bike. Shortly before the border, it is worth visiting the Gondo Gorge.

Susten Pass

The Susten connects the cantons of Uri and Bern. The pass road was built for military reasons and is mainly used for tourism today. When building during the war years 1939-46, great importance was attached to aesthetics. By hand, local materials were used to create an artisanal masterpiece. Driving in cloudy weather is particularly appealing when there are fewer cars and motorbikes and dark fir trees are mysteriously greeting from the fog.


* *Please make sure you are not coming from a red-zone country (Belarus, Israel, Kosovo, Moldova, Russia, Sweden, Serbia, USA and more..) to avoid the compulsory quarantine when entering to Switzerland. 
** If there would be the smallest chance of infection or other needs of our clients, the capacity of Swiss Hospitals is high, and all institutes are well prepared.

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