Breathtaking car trips in Switzerland 2/3

Let’s continue our inbound car trip. Travelling abroad is maybe not the best choice this year, but Switzerland has so beautiful spots you can easily discover by car. We are happy to share more of the fascinating routes from our collection. Are you interested in a gourmet excursion? Take a look at our Restaurant Guide that contains some of the best venues throughout the country.


Furka pass

In one of the most spectacular chases in film history, Sean Connery drove his Aston Martin DB5 through the furka hairpin bends in the film Goldfinger. Follow the route of James Bond on this 70 kilometres from Brig to Andermatt.


Gotthard pass

Because of its central importance in the history of Switzerland, the 2 106-meter-high Gotthard Pass is a symbol of the country's identity. From the Teufelsbrücke in the Schöllenen Gorge to Andermatt and the notorious Tremola-Strasse, there is a lot to see along the pass road.


Grimsel Pass

Even more striking than on the Furka are the rugged rock cliffs and serpentines that lead down to the Rhone on the Valais side of the Grimsel Pass. The journey between Innertkirchen and Gletsch is one of the most beautiful mountain routes in Switzerland.


* *Please make sure you are not coming from a red-zone country (Belarus, Israel, Kosovo, Moldova, Russia, Sweden, Serbia, USA and more..) to avoid the compulsory quarantine when entering to Switzerland. 
** If there would be the smallest chance of infection or other needs of our clients, the capacity of Swiss Hospitals is high, and all institutes are well prepared.

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