Swiss National Day

While this date was officially declared a national holiday only in 1994, it goes back to 1291 when three Alpine cantons have founded Switzerland. On this day, many people decorate their houses with Swiss Flags and most families use this work-free day to grill in one of the gorgeous parks. In Zurich a street parade starts at 10:15 am in the downtown area. Traditional folk music, culinary experiences and many other attractions are waiting for the celebrating crowd on Bürkliplatz. 

The whole program translated to our expat customers:

7:00 Peal of church bells in Zurich
7:15 Gun salutes at Kolbenhof (Albisgüetli)
10:00 Gathering of parade participants on Werdmühleplatz
10:15 Parade Werdmühleplatz - Bahnhofstrasse - Town Hall property at Bürkliplatz
10:45  Peal of church bells
11:00 Bundesfeier/National Day celebration in the Town Hall property at Bürkliplatz
Welcome address
Gun salutes
Songs and music
Reading out of the Federal Charter of 1291
Opening speeches
Ceremonial address
Singing of the national anthem
Festival with folkloric performances around the pavilion in the Town Hall property (also in bad weather)
In the event of bad weather (only if explicitly announced on the website):
10:20 No  parade
10:45 Participants gather in the Grossmünster (Cathedral)
11:00 Bundesfeier/National Day celebration in the Grossmünster (Cathedral)

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