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Breathtaking car trips in Switzerland 2/3

Let’s continue our inbound car trip. Travelling abroad is maybe not the best choice this year, but Switzerland has so beautiful spots you can easily discover by car. We are happy to share more of the fascinating routes from our collection. Are you interested in a gourmet excursion? Take a look at our Restaurant Guide that contains some of the best venues throughout the country.


Furka pass

In one of the most spectacular chases in film history, Sean Connery drove his Aston Martin DB5 through the furka hairpin bends in the film Goldfinger. Follow the route of James Bond on this 70 kilometres from Brig to Andermatt.


Gotthard pass

Because of its central importance in the history of Switzerland, the 2 106-meter-high Gotthard Pass is a symbol of the country's identity. From the Teufelsbrücke in the Schöllenen Gorge to Andermatt and the notorious Tremola-Strasse, there is a lot to see along the pass road.


Grimsel Pass

Even more striking than on the Furka are the rugged rock cliffs and serpentines that lead down to the Rhone on the Valais side of the Grimsel Pass. The journey between Innertkirchen and Gletsch is one of the most beautiful mountain routes in Switzerland.


* *Please make sure you are not coming from a red-zone country (Belarus, Israel, Kosovo, Moldova, Russia, Sweden, Serbia, USA and more..) to avoid the compulsory quarantine when entering to Switzerland.
** If there would be the smallest chance of infection or other needs of our clients, the capacity of Swiss Hospitals is high, and all institutes are well prepared.

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Breathtaking car trips in Switzerland 1/3

Due to the unexpected situation, Switzerland is not as crowded as usual. Thus, it is a unique chance to avoid mass of tourists this year. The world-famous natural beauties of Switzerland can be discovered particularly well on a car trip. Take a few days off, leave your worries behind and enjoy the impressive mountains and wonderful lakes. We collected the most beautiful routes and you can also have a look at our private excursions in our virtual booklet.


From Gstaad to Lucerne
Stop in Interlaken and take the cog railway to the Schynige Platte to see the Bernese giants Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau are close to check. The journey continues along Lake Thun to Bern and through Entlebuch to Lucerne. A round trip in a steamboat on Lake Lucerne ensures that this 310-kilometer tour is completed perfectly.


From Davos to Lugano
The 290-kilometer section of the Grand Tour through Switzerland from the meeting point of the Jetsets in Graubünden to the shores of Lake Lugano is particularly scenic. Along the route, countless sights await you from the national park near Zernez via the picturesque Engadine houses to the spectacular Viamala Gorge.


Great St. Bernhard (Grosser St. Bernhard) 
In summer, instead of the tunnel, take the mountain route that leads to the 2 469-meter-high pass, the third highest pass road in Switzerland. At the top is the hospice, founded in 1050 by Saint Bernard of Aosta. In the hospice you can see the famous rescue dogs - Barry was the star among them - that were bred here, and which saved many stray travellers from freezing with a sip of the schnapps keg.


*Please make sure you are not coming from a red-zone country (Belarus,Israel, Kosovo, Moldova, Russia, Sweden, Serbia, USA and more..) to avoid the compulsory quarantine when entering to Switzerland.

** If there would be the smallest chance of infection or other needs of our clients, the capacity of Swiss Hospitals is high, and all institutes are well prepared.

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Tailor-made motorbike to our valued customer

Recently we had carried out a complete makeover on a Harley-Davidson to fulfil our client’s wish. The procedure was manufactured by our trustful partner, Büdnerbike. Some pieces were handcrafted by their colleagues. The vehicle was especially designed for riders above 180 cm.

What has been changed exactly? Let us give a hint to our tech fans:

  • rear swingarm for the fat tire
  • wheels front and back are custom wheels
  • rear break was changed from right to left, in favour of the look of the wheel
  • frontfender, rearfender, fueltank and saddleplate are handmade by Bündnerbike. 
  • rearlight is in the rearfender
  • the handlebar was also changed and got a custom digital speedometer on it
  • the exhaust got adjustable soundswitch

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OZ Swiss is welcoming PIVOT TAILORING

We are always seeking the outstanding quality in all service fields. PIVOT TAILORING is a perfect choice if our clients need bespoke and handmade suits. In their studio Italian traditions and exclusive fabrics meet the style of 21st century. On request the tailor team can get to your place to fit in a tight schedule. Find out more about our trusty partner here.

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Holiday Discount

To all our clients and partners we wish a Joyful Holiday!


We present you 40% off from your next booking.
There is nothing else to do but leave us a review on one of the following platforms. *

TripAdvisor, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google my Business

*When ordering write a note with “holiday discount” and the name of the platform of your review.

This promotion is valid until 6 January 2020.

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Restaurant recommendations by OZ

Our drivers and Guest Relation agents are often at your disposal as local personal assistants, and are always happy to highlight the best restaurants in town. Thus we came out with a booklet that collects some Micheline star spots as well as restaurants with traditional Swiss or international cuisine. You can check this guide online, or find it in print at many of our hotel partners' concierge desks in the greater Zurich area.

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WEF: 22-25 January 2019

The dates are out for 2019 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos-Klosters.
Have you already arranged all services for your delegates?
From accommodation to complete transport coordination OZ Swiss can offer you full support. Contact our back office with your inquiry.

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OZ Tourbook is up-to-date for summer 2018

The summer collection of our exclusive tours has been refreshed and is available online here. Whether it’s recreation, sightseeing or a shopping spree they can all be taken to a higher level. Enjoy many of the advantages of our private trips with fully-equipped limo and your own chauffeur that can help you just like a local personal assistant. Choose from our varied programs or get some inspiration so that our team can design your own idyllic getaway. Please get in touch for your quotation.

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If you or your colleagues spend all day travelling from meeting to meeting, an outstanding service needs to be at your disposal. At OZ Swiss local professional chauffeurs will take care of your guests. We know every corner and every back door, each of your destinations within the greater area of Zürich and neighbouring cities.
The transport service is supported by our Guest Relations department. Thus, all requests can be organised smoothly. If there is no time for a proper lunch we organize fine sandwiches and salad for our guests, so they can eat in the car.


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See you next year WEF

We've been through the tense weeks of preparation and realisation of our transport services on the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos. Fleet and crew were bigger than ever, so was the challenge as well. We hope we can continue from here in 2019 and make our customers satisfied again.

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