Premium taxi – CHF 2/km

We are very pleased to announce a new section of our limousine service we developed for further needs.

OZ Swiss reacts to a trend of its customers. Sometimes, even high-end clients book ordinary services (in an average way). This new form is designed to fulfil orders for taxi price, a little cutback on service but still based on our limousine quality.

The clients’ advantage is that it is supported by our infrastructure and protected by our company insurance.

In 14 years of experience we never declined a job. Our team made sure that an order is carried out no matter if our fleet was occupied. With our premium taxi version we can only provide service according to availability - 25 cars in our new fleet.



  • CHF 2/km calculated from garage to garage
  • CHF 95/hr incl. 25 km


We aim to be available for cheaper price but keeping our standards high. We can provide rates below the official airport /city taxi and above a low-budget taxi or Uber service.

We charge CHF 95/hr incl. 25 km if we don’t get information about the route in advance.

 What we offer:

  • lower rates
  • professional drivers with basic service
  • possibility to place and cancel your order for free one hour before the journey
  • limousine vehicle, but no guarantee for the model

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