Car import

Do you fancy a new luxury car?
We can offer a wide range of top quality cars (i.e. Porsches, Bentleys, Range Rovers). We search abroad as well, as a bigger market offers wider selection of showroom cars or of brand new cars available on stock .. When you find the one you desire, OZ Swiss’ experts can manage all the import procedure from EU to Switzerland. In some cases, you may also get the car for a lower price than in Switzerland, even after considering the costs of shipping and import.

After you can hold the car key in your hands, there is an opportunity to have further support from us. We would be happy to take over the management of your car, so you can just sit back while we handle everything regarding your vehicle. Read more about our car management service, including maintenance, insurance and even fuel cards if requested.

Don’t hesitate to submit your inquiry, get in touch with us.

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